i need a saviour

my name is madison and i am a strong believer in laughter being the best medicine


(If you couldn’t tell I had a bad night or a bad past 4 weeks tbh)

Let me tell you

Maybe it’s because I’m not skinny or gorgeous or funny enough or whatever…but boys will lie to you. They’ll use you and tear you down and use your weaknesses and do whatever they can to get out of you what they want and then just act like you’re nothing. Like they’ve “won” something and that you’ve fucked up. And you know what? Maybe you have but why should we not expect someone who was our close friend…a person who was supposed to be there for us and promised they would…to lead us in this sort of direction. Why is it so “shocking” that we fall in love with the person who treats us like we’re special ( to a point obviously ) and then drops us. We try so hard to perfect ourselves and in the end it still leads to heartbreak. What does that say?


when people send your friends anon hate



When the hot classmate sits next to you


When the hot classmate talks to you